Premarital Counseling

Premarital/Pre-engagement/Seriously Dating couples welcome!

What a great time in your developing relationship!

It's exciting, it's scary and it's a time to begin asking the more serious questions about a future together.  Since this is your first time around (if not please see Pre-remarriage Counseling), you might be guilty of being somewhat naive, somewhat in the clouds or somewhat unaware of the work that it will take to have a great marriage.

This is where we come in.  With one of the most successful premarrital counseling programs in the country, we are as determined as you are to help your marriage not only go the distance, but make it through as partners who love each other more than they did when it began!

What have been our results over the last 17 years?

Less than a 15% divorce rate for those couples that completed the program and got married (over 500 couples).

Don't settle for less than the best when it comes to the second most importand decision you will ever make.

The Essential Pre-Marriage Tool Box - Your manual written by Peter Agnew, MA

Subjects Covered:

1. Values Vital to our Future - What foundational principles are you both committed to for your relationship? 2. What is marriage to you? - How your view of marriage compares with God's.
3. Love in the Greek - Understanding the importance of the different kinds of love needed for your marriage thrive!
4. Communication - Your marriages life blood.  How do we keep it flowing without destroying our love and each other.
5. Resolving the tough issues - doing conflict the right way.
6. Are you safe? - Maintaining safety in a marriage is where great communication begins.  How do we keep it that way?
7. Expectations and how they shape your marriage. Expressing them, adjusting them and making them line up with reality.
8. Being different is one of your greatest strengths - Differences in family background, education, relationship styles and gender all make life very interesting and can cause great difficulties or great joy depending on how you handle them and how you can keep them based in reality.
9. Needs or a Wants - Do you understand the difference?

10. Who is Responsible for Your Happiness? You or your spouse.

11. Relational Baggage - How have your previous relationships affected how love now.
12. Finances - How are we going to get on the same page to pay for now and our future?

13. What are the hopes, dreams and outcomes you hope for this marriage and how do you get there? - Setting goals and meeting them.
14. Physical and Emotional Intimacy - Becoming one flesh in our hearts and in our bodies.
15. Our Spirtual Lives together - where are we now in our relationship with God and where do we want to be?

Premarital Counseling program includes:

2 Workbooks -
4 Couple Assessments (Taylor Johnson Temperment Analysis, SYMBIS, Myers Briggs and Love Languages)
13 private sessions

Price:  Priceless!  Call me and we will discuss.

562-989-4673 (hope)