Divorce Recovery

Divorce is a very painful thing to go through.  If you have gotten one or are contemplating getting one, you have or are going through a lot of stress, pain, guilt and doubt.  So many questions?  Would it be the best thing for me, my kids to separate from the person I had committed to love for the rest of my life?  If it has already happened, you actually may know part of the answer already, but the remainder of the answer will come over time.

Some divorces have solid reasons for the disconnect: infidelity, addictions that are unchecked, physical abuse or complete abandonment of their responsibilities by one of the partners.  Unfortunately, having solid reasons, doesn't insure a painless divorce because your initial dream of forever has died.  If you don't mind my saying so, divorce really sucks, no matter what the reason.

Like any significant loss experienced in our lives, there is time to be angry, a time to grieve, a time to be sorry, a time to be real and a time to recover your hope for the future.  We can help you travel this road in a healthy way.  A new sense of hope is waiting.

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