Life Coaching

Certified Elite Life Coaching is for those individuals that know they could be accomplishing more, getting better, becoming more efficient or just plain need to get unstuck in their lives.  They have goals for their families, their career, their company, and for themselves that remain on the shelf.  They want to dust them off and begin again.  This is where the Life Coach comes in.  Maybe the best way to tell this is to remind you of a terrific film that you have probably seen called, "Chariots of Fire."

If you saw the movie, you will remember that there came a time in Harold Abrams running career where he began to see his dreams of an Olympic Gold medal in the 100 meters began to fade.  In a duel meet with Scotland, he had just lost the 100 meters race to the Flying Scotsman, Eric Liddell.  In fact, Eric beat him by quite a bit.  Harold was in the stands, sitting next to his girllfriend, bemoning the fact that he lost.  He had lost hope and said to her, "If I can't win, I won't run" to which she said, "If you don't run, you can't win!"  Then in a moment of transperancy that we hadn't seen before, Harold said in a whisper, "I can't run any faster."

Then Sam Mussabini, a "professional" track coach, stopped by the stands and yelled up the hope restoring words, "I can find you another two yards!"  With the right coach, he found a reason to hope in his dream again.  He found a reason to pick up the spikes again and do what was necessary to win the Gold medal.  Harold would have to work very hard to find those two extra yards, but in 1924, he won the Olympic Goal medal in the 100 meters.

Similar to Harold Abrams, when your relationships, careers, life challenges and your confidence begin to fade, you lose hope.  Hope that your committed relationship or family can get better, hope that your career can get back on track, hope that you can overcome your latest loss or challenge, or the hope that you can get back to your confident self.  You have tried everything you can think of, but it is not working.  You now realize that you need some help.

At Restored Hope, I believe I can find you another "two yards" no matter wherever you need them.  I am a relationship, career and Certified Elite Life Coach that will do everything to restore hope to your situation again.  (Who knows, your gold medal might be waiting when we're done!)
If you are looking for that kind of coach, give me a call at 562-989-HOPE(4673).