Here are a few of the comments we have recieved over the past several years:

"I just wanted to thank you for our time together and for your insights and conversations.  They have helped me gain some new perspective on my internal and spiritual world."  T

"You have been such a tremendous blessing to countless couples, especially us!  What we have been able to change in our relationship because of God's grace and your help has been profound.  People still ask us how we did it and we love every opportunity we get to tell them about you."  D & S

"We thank you again for all your time, counsel and patience with us earlier in the year.  Your help was both helpful and timely and we thank the Lord for you."  R & G

"You have given us hope and armed us with courage to know that we can fight against the overwhelming statistics of the growing divorce rates that our generation has to face.  In you, we found faith, truth and love.  We are forever grateful.  It is difficult to find people in life that are a good balance of emotions and logic.  You are truly a gift from God."  E & I

"No words could ever espress how much you have done and what you mean to our family.  We love you and appreciate you so very much."  J & L

"Thank you!  I mean that from a grateful heart.  You have given us tools that we are using to build the foundation of our marriage.  I truly apreciate the love and wisdom you've shared with both of us."  R & D

"The information and insight you provided me will be incredibly helpful in my path towards a career in my field."  LD

"Thank you for using the gifts and education God has given you to help our family."  CE

"Thank you for all your help.  Going on 4 years!!  We still use some of the tools you taught us.  Thank you."  D & J

"J and I really appreciate our sessions with you - I know for a fact that they have helped our relationship and enriched many parts of our lives.  Thank you!"  J & J

"We want to thank you and your ministry for what you have done for our marriage.  We wanted to give your ministry this gift so you can continue to help others who are starting off in their marriages or are rebuilding marriages.   We are happily married for 5 years next month and doing well!"   K & H

"The blessing we received with meeting with you before our marriage continues in our marriage.  Than you."  K & G

"In terms of the day to day aspect of our relationship, things have been going much better than when we first came in to see you.  We've been able to talk more; conflicts have been fewer and farther between, and when come up, they have never gotten out of hand.  The Speaker Listener Technique has been invaluable for us."  N & H

"Our marriage is finally going in the right direction after a few years "off track."  We couldn't have done it without your gentle stirring and guidence.  Thank you for your priceless ministry!"  D & H

"My husband and I are so thankful for your counseling time with T & B.  We feel this is one of the  best investments they could make in their marriage.  They've both commented on how they appreciate you and your expertise in counseling."     J

"We are so thankful for you.  It is extremely clear to both of us that God put you in our lives.  Your heart for Him is inspiring and the way you allow Him to use you to help others is awesome.  Our relationship has improved so much with each other and with God.  We are so excited about creating a new legacy together.  Thank you for helping us to see that we can!"    S & D

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say 'thank you' for helping us.  I really appreciate your time and your willingness to work within our financial crisis, budget.  Pastor K was right in referring us to you."      D & K

"R & I are a testimony to the good work you are doing, having walked away from our premarital counseling with tools we apply in our daily lives.  The time we spent with you was truly and investment that continues to benefit us.  Through our premarital counseling we were able to identify the circumstances and areas that would challenge us helped to set us up for greater success.  We are using the tools we learned to make adjustments in how we respond to the little annoyances that come up with regularity.  Thank you so much for the gift you have given us!"     C & R