Seminar Leader & Developer

Over the past 12 years I have had the opportunity to create and deliver several different seminars and topics.  Whether it is a preaching opportunity, a seminar for pre-marital or married couples, several weeks of adult Sunday School offerings or teaching at the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute in South Gate, Ca, I am available to facilitate a weekend retreat, be a guest speaker for a class or teach 30 hours in a formal setting.   Follow up assessments from the participants range in the 90% area of appreciation of the area studied, the entertainment value and the practicality of what we bring.  It has been an exciting part of our growth over the last 6 years!


The Essential Pre-Marriage Tool Box , Before You Say I Do
The Essential Marriage Tool Box , Real Tools for a Real Marriage
The Essential Re-Marriage Tool Box , Getting it Right the Second Time Around


Living Your New Life Strategically - Life Skills They Never Taught You in School
For anyone, but primarily developed for students at Teen Challenge Ministry Institute - "How do I live my life, now that I'm sober?"

60 hours of teaching on various topics ranging from Doing Relationships Better, Dealing with Past Hurts, Finances, Dealing with Your
Stress, Anger, Differences Between Men and Women, Sex, Growing Spiritually, Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills,
Reestablishing Trust with your Friends and Loved Ones, etc.