Communication Conflict Resolution

It has been said by many of the brightest relatonship experts that communication is the "life blood" of every relationship.  This is true.  The ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings and opinions in a healthy way is essential to a healthy, loving relationship. But there is also the other side of the communication process which is listening.  Both speaking and listening are affected by so many things, that it is amazing sometimes that we communicate successfully at all!  In fact, I would guess that based on the fact that you are reading this part of our website means that what originally felt safe and easy, has become unsafe and difficult.   You are worried that it might stay this way.

Take a long look at the charts below and see where you think your communication breaks down:

Or how about this one:

Or this one:

Whether it is in your marriage, your family or work, you can get better at what should be a "given."  (Especially if we are both speaking the same language!)

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