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Senior Citizen Couple
Senior Citizen Couple

Individual Counseling

There are all kinds of reasons to seek another voice in your life.  

1. To help deal with a relationship or problem that you can't seem to make better on your own.  
2. To find someone with more expertise, experience or knowledge in a particular area of life.  Someone that might be "wiser" or further ahead in a particular area of life than you.
3.  To help deal with a problem or addiction that is making life more challenging than you ever dream it could be.
4.  To deal with a loss of job, relationship or the death of a loved one.
5.  To deal with past mistakes or past family dynamics that continue to influence your life in negative ways.
6.  To deal with past issues that were thrust upon you such as physical, sexual or emotion abuse.
7.  To help you understand how God's Word applies to any or all of the challenges you have in your life.
8.  You just need an objective third party to give you a different (hopefully truer) perspective on your current life circumstances.

Whatever the reason for coming in for counseling, I am here to serve you and help you understand what is true and what is not about your life or situation.  While certainly not perfect, sometimes we need a new perspective.  We need to have someone in our lifes that doesn't just tell us what we want to hear, but what we need to hear to get our lives back on track.  

If that is what you need, please give me a call at 562-989-HOPE (4673).